My Hero Academia CCG: Series 1 Deck-Loadable Content

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My Hero Academia CCG: Series 1 Deck-Loadable Content

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Leap into the action and prove yourself a Hero with the help of your favorite My Hero Academia characters! These additional versions of the #1 Hero All Might and U.A. High students Ochaco Uraraka, Tenya Iida, and Tsuyu Asui offer new ways to play the My Hero Academia CCG. Use these new cards to show true courage and claim your status as the best Hero around!

Use this DLC pack to train any fighter in the My Hero Academia CCG and take another step towards becoming the ultimate Universal Fighter. Players will need at least one Starter Deck or 2-Player Turbo Box to use the cards within.

24 Foil Cards
  ‣ 2 of each Character
  ‣ 2 of each Character's Attack
  ‣ 2 of each Character's Foundation