Heirs of the Emperor

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A Horus Heresy Anthology

A collection of three anthologies, bringing together 26 tales centred around the primarchs, the sons of the Emperor of Mankind and de facto generals of the Legiones Astartes.

Bringing together three separate anthologies from the Primarchs Series in one place, plus five additional short stories, this volume offers a comprehensive and in-depth view of the primarchs who led the Legiones Astartes – warriors of legend, brothers torn asunder, heirs of the Emperor.

This anthology includes the following short stories:
 The Passing of Angels , by John French
 The Abyssal Edge, by Aaron Dembski-Bowdwn
 Mercy of The Dragon, by Nick Kyme
 Shadow of the Past, by Gav Thorpe
 The Emperor's Architect, by Guy Haley
 The Ancient Awaits, by Graham McNeill
 Misbegotten, by Dan Abnett
 A Lesson in Iron, by David Guymer
 The Atonement of Fire, by David Annandale
 Lantern's Light, by James Swallow
 Canticle, by David Guymer
 The Verdict of the Scythe, by David Annandale
 A Game of Opposites, by Guy Haley
 Better Angels, by Ian St. Martin
 The Conqueror's Truth, by Gav Thorpe
 The Sinew of War, by Darius Hinks
 The Chamber at the End of Memory, by James Swallow
 First Legion, by Chris Wraight
 Embers of Extinction, by Brandon Easton
 Lupus Daemonis, by Graham McNeill
 Skjalds, by Nick Kyme
 The Sixth Cult of the Denied, by David Guymer
 The Will of The Legion, by Andy Clark
 Council of Truth, by Mike Brooks
 Terminus, by Chris Wraight
 Grandfather's Gift, by Guy Haley